​Suber by Kolmer ™

Suber by Kolmer™ is a revolutionary patented insulating coating produced from unifying hi-grade raw cork particles with a proprietary acrylic based resin. The result is an elastic and durable, water impermeable, & thermal insulating coating perfect for applications requiring high degree of protection along with beautiful aesthetic appeal!

Seal It™

Our Seal-Away™ patent-pending water-based mono-component polyurethane coating is a versatile water-resistive/ waterproofing sealing protective ‘membrane’. It is ideal for OSB, exterior sheathed wall surfaces, concrete & masonry, roofs, traffic-bearing surfaces, pools, pavers, and many similar design elements. Toxin free, it is a safe solution around sensitive environments.

Decorative & Durable

Weather & Air Barrier

Energy Savings

lower installation Costs

reduces Thermal Bridging


Thermal & Acoustic Installation

renewable source & green


Choose from our wide range of colours!

An Eco-Friendly Solution

Cork spray is a relatively new product, a renewable resource and admittedly has a higher cost per square foot than paint. However, along with accenting the inside and outside of the property with various colour options, cork spray is low maintenance, will help you save on energy bills and is a sustainable resource!