WHat we do

A Great Repair Tool

The flexibility with out expansion and contraction makes natural cork a fantastic repair tool for previously built structures. If there are any cracks in your foundation, walls or siding spray cork can be used to fill theses cracks. Further damages will be prevented as the flexible material moves with the building but doesn’t react to the elements.

Metal Structures & Insulation

No matter if your building is brick, wood, metal, steel, or stucco, our material can adhere to virtually any surface, leaving a beautiful, seamless texture.

Improved Home Exterior

Our product not only lowers utility bills, but it also adds a beautiful texture and colour making your home stand out for years to come!

Lowers Utility Bills

When the cork is applied to the surface of your home, it creates a thermal barrier that keeps the out side elements, outside. This leads to lower utility bills month after month.

Eliminates Maintenance

Our proprietary formula that was developed over years of research has allowed our product to not only keep the elements out but also hold its shape and color. Unlike paint which fades an average of 3-5% a year,Suber By Kolmer has seen less then 1% fading annually, even in a harsh Arizona environment.

Renewable Source & Green

Environmentally conscious individuals tend to agree that it’s important to use green building materials and eco-friendly building practices for residential and commercial property. But what exactly defines a “green” building? Generally, green building materials are those that are sustainably sourced and not toxic to the inhabitants. They are also produced in an ecologically friendly manner, and they help the buildings inhabitants reducing their carbon footprint through energy efficiency. All of these attributes define the ultimate green building material Cork Spray.

Sound Insulation

Cork has been part of soundproofing recording studios for years and now with cork spray you are able to reduce the noise in your industrial building that can be harmful to employees, dull the sounds of chatty coworkers or drown out noisy neighbours. By coating one side of a wall cork spray can reduce noise by 9 decibels.

Waterproofing Outdoor Roofs

Cork is water resistant. Cork spray is excellent for sealing roofs and outdoor spaces. Since it will adhere to anything you can spray it directly onto the roofing materials of your building, even shingles. Preventing or fixing leaks. Cork spray can also seal outdoor patios and balconies giving long lasting coverage with little to no maintenance.

Cork is resistant to mold and mildew, making it an excellent choice to seal the interior and exterior of a property. Cork spray keeps mold and mildew spores out of your home or building all while being a non-toxic material with no VOCS.

Fire Retardant

Cork is truly an amazing natural product that has survived forest and farm clearing for centuries partially because cork bark protecting the tree is fire retardant. It means that if a direct open flame is held to your home, the cork will reflect and dissipate the heat without absorbing the hotness, and the cork will not release heated particles (ash) or allow the flames to spread.